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Holiday Safety Tips

2014 BoutiqueThe Lynnhurst Crime and Safety Committee recognizes that the holiday season presents unique opportunities for things to go awry, and wants to remind you of a few tips to help keep your holidays bright. The city of Minneapolis put together the following tips for you. Please pay special attention to the home security section, and check the site regularly for additional neighborhood safety tips.

If you have a crime or safety subject you’d like more information on, please email your suggestion to info@lynnhurst.org. Happy holidays!


Online Shopping

  • Know your merchant. Be familiar with the company you’re dealing with. The Federal Trade Commission
    has a website (www.consumer.gov) that provides buyer’s guides, tips and links to helpful resources.
  • Protect your personal information. Know what information the seller is collecting, how it will be used and
    if it will be shared with other merchants. Check the site’s privacy policy and look for seals from privacy
    enforcement organizations like BBBonLine and TRUSTe. Be cautious if a site asks for personal information
    not generally needed to make a purchase in a retail store, such as your social security number.
  • Use a credit card. Under federal law, your liability for an unauthorized charge is $50. To ensure that your
    credit card information is being transmitted securely, look for an unbroken key or padlock icon or for a
    policy that indicates use of strong security technology. DO NOT SHARE your password with others!
  • Keep good records. Make sure to print or save any records related to online transactions.

Retail Shopping

  • Cash: take only the amount you will spend when shopping. Avoid
    flashing cash in public. Never leave your purse or wallet unattended.
  • Credit cards: take only the cards you will use while shopping. Report
    lost cards immediately. Check your statements for accuracy.
  • Park: in well-lit areas. Keep your doors locked and always put items
    in the trunk before arriving at your next destination.

Home Security

  • Close the blinds or curtains at night or while you’re away. Presents that can be seen through windows
    are tempting to thieves
  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • Keep outdoor lights on from dusk ‘til dawn
  • Make arrangements for neighbors to pick up deliveries if you aren’t home
  • Garage locks are usually the weakest locks you have. Avoid hiding presents in the garage. A secondstory
    closet or attic offers safer storage. Consider upgrading your garage lock to an automatic keypad lock.
  • Break up boxes, especially for purchases like TVs. Bundle inside out and only put out to your collection
    point on the pick-up day. Don’t advertise what you have.
  • A holiday light display (inside or outside) shows ownership and increases the overall lighting in the area.


  • Schedule deliveries for times when you are at home.
  • Make arrangements to have your parcels delivered to a neighbor if you are
    unable to be at home.
  • If you live in a multi-unit building:
  • Bring packages left outside for your neighbors into a secured area
  • Leave a note on the door giving permission for the package to be delivered
    to a trusted neighbor if you are gone for a delivery.


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