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9th Annual Lynnhurst Neighborhood BUCKTHORN BUST on November 9

9:30 a.m.-Noon
Sat., Nov. 9
Meet at bottom of stairs at Dupont Ave S, north side of Creek.

Why is Buckthorn so bad?

– Buckthorn out-competes native plants for nutrients, sunlight and moisture. It literally chokes out surrounding trees and plants, making it nearly impossible for any new growth to take root under its canopy of dense vegetation.

– Buckthorn degrades wildlife habitat and alters the natural food chain and growth of an otherwise healthy forest.

Bring gloves and hand shears if you have them, other tools will be provided.

Questions, email   lynnhurst.env.comm@gmail.com

Sponsored by the Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association and the Lynnhurst Environmental Committee


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