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46th and Fremont: Lynnhurst’s original block

Built in 1893 as one of the original nine homes in the Lynnhurst Colony, the Georgian/Colonial Revival home at 4600 Fremont Ave. S. harkens back to a time when this area of Minneapolis was an isolated, semi-rural area.

In 1893, Arthur and Maude Armatage, along with either other young couples, were given triple lots on the 4600 block of Fremont Ave. S. on the condition that they build large homes costing no less than $3,000. These homes were to serve as “model” homes, which would spur further development of the land in the area owned by the same real estate speculators who donated the nine lots.

Because the area was remote, residents had to depend on each other. They built a bart at 47th and Fremont to house the community cows they relied on for milk. And they shared a single telephone, which was located at the Armatage house.

Mr. Armatage was an insurance executive. After he died, Mrs. Armatage went on to become the Commissioner of Parks for Minneapolis and was a very visible local figure for many years until her death in 1964. Armatage School and Park at 56th and Russell Ave. S. are both named in her honor.

The Armatage house was added on to over the years and was slightly damaged in 1937 when a fire started in the third floor maid’s quarters.

– Mike O’Brien

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