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Neighborhood infrastructure

Our goal is to enhance the livability of Lynnhurst through improvements to the various infrastructure components affecting our daily lives.

Chaired by Paul Ragozzino and Peter Nussbaum, the committee works on a wide variety of issues ranging from park improvements to traffic changes and airplane noise pollution.

What are we currently working on?

  • 50th Street Traffic
    Between the parkway and James near the bike path, community center, Burroughs School and Mount Olivet Church, there are safety concerns. Traffic moves fast, cars conflict with pedestrians and cyclists, and hundreds of kids a day are crossing between the school and the fields. While we’ve been lucky that there haven’t been severe accidents, there have been many close calls. The neighborhood organization has been working on this issue with the city and county, and will be holding a meeting on Thursday, September 17th at the Lynnhurst Community Center at 6:30 to discuss the issue with Council Member Palmisano, Commissioner Marion Greene, School Representatives and concerned community members.In addition to the area immediately surrounding the school, the Association has been coordinating with nearby neighborhoods to create a broader vision of a future 50th Street that connects nearby areas in a safe, friendly and inviting way.
  • 50th St. Visioning
    We have recently completed a visioning process with Fulton Neighborhood Association to outline the neighborhoods’ desires and vision for the development, physical characteristics, business variety and look/feel of 50th St. between France and Lyndale Aves. Please click the link below to read the Vision Statement.
    50th St. Vision Statement
  • Park Improvements
    Trail reconstruction has just been completed between the ball fields and the tennis courts. Anyone who has walked or ridden on that path know that it was crumbling and difficult to navigate. Combining efforts with the Minneapolis Park Board, we were able to widen the path and construct it of more durable concrete to handle the maintenance vehicle traffic it deals with.The Association is also working with the park board to address the “cow paths” that have formed to the east of the playground. These neighbor made trails result in soil eroding into the creek causing water quality issues. Updates will be posted as they become available.
  • Noise Pollution
    Airplane noise is one of the top complaints we receive at the association, and there is a set of dedicated neighbors working on our behalf to continue the fight on overhead flights. We will include updates online, and in our print newsletter to keep you informed, but the best way to receive up-to-the-minute information is by following Minneapolis Fair Skies. The group was founded by area residents, and continues to organize on our behalf.
  • Zoning and Variance Requests
    When a neighbor or an area business or establishment requests a variance, part of the process includes them notifying the neighborhood association. Long-time resident and board member Mike O’Brien helps residents connect with nearby neighbors and discuss the project. The board is then presented with information and given an opportunity to facilitate mediation and comment on the project for the city’s consideration.

Lynnhurst area map

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