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Crime and safety

Our goal is to have a neighborhood where people feel safe.

Chair Position Open, the committee coordinates with our Crime Prevention Specialist and other 5th Precinct representatives to provide the neighborhood with information and suggestions for improving the safety and security of our community.

Current and past focus areas include making improvements to lighting in strategic areas, assisting residents on how to improve personal and home safety and keeping everyone in the neighborhood aware of potentially unsafe situations.

Compared to other areas of the city, we’ve really got it pretty good here in Lynnhurst, but there is always room for improvement.

Summertime Tips:

Over the summer months, the biggest issue by far is theft from garages and cars. Please remember to lock your doors and roll up your windows, leaving no valuables or bags in sight within the car. Another important tip is to remove or at least hide from view any garage door openers from you cars. When out working in the yard, if you won’t be in view of your garage door, close it. Taking things from your garage is an easy crime of opportunity.

If you see something unusual or out of place, the precinct urges you to call the issue in. If it is an event or activity currently in progress, call 911. If you are calling in an issue that has occurred in the past, you can call 311.


Want to see a live map of what’s been going on in the neighborhood? Check out the City of Minneapolis interactive tool RAIDS. You can filter by type of crime and focus on a specific area. This will give you a much better overall understanding of issues in the area than the frequent posting happening on NextDoor.

Additional Resources

Do you have a specific concern?

Chances are if you have a question that others in the neighborhood do as well. Let us know and we’ll track down the answer for you! The group is also working to orchestrate a forum. Watch for details.

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